Switchboard Repairs

Switchboard Repairs, Installation, and Upgrade Services in Auckland

Do you need switchboard repairs in your business, factory, or industrial plant? At Ascendancy Electrical, we understand the importance of electrical switchboards to the smooth and safe operation of your facility. Therefore, we will respond fast to your call, dispatching a skilled and experienced electrician to your location.

Crucially, all our electricians are experienced working in commercial and industrial environments as this is the only type of work we do. Therefore, they will have the necessary skills to complete switchboard repairs on any type of switchboard, plus they will be fully equipped for the job.

Machine Safety Upgrade Services

We have extensive experience at Ascendancy Electrical working in commercial and industrial environments. Much of the work we do involves repairing, configuring, and maintaining machines, plant, and equipment.

One of the highly specialised services that we offer involves upgrading machine safety features. This includes adding modern kill switches and other highly effective and often technology-driven solutions that make machines safer to operate for your staff and for anyone else in your facility.

Our expert team will start by getting an understanding of the machine that needs the safety feature. We’ll then develop a tailored solution using our knowledge, skills, and experience from similar projects. We’ll then fully test the solution before commissioning it at your premises.

Please contact us today to find out more and to learn more about our prices for machine safety upgrade services. Call now on (09) 273 3043.

Hot Water Repairs

Does your facility require hot water to function efficiently, produce products, or for safety reasons? Is the hot water system in your commercial or industrial premises used more for standard functions, such as hygiene? Whatever type of system you have, and whatever type of business you are in, we can help at Ascendancy Electrical.

Our commercial and industrial electricians are knowledgeable about the hot water systems produced by all leading manufacturers. This includes specialised systems only used in certain commercial or industrial environments.

We also offer switchboard installation and upgrade services throughout Auckland. So, whether you are upgrading your existing electrics, you are expanding your operations and need a new switchboard installed, or for any other reason, we can help.

You can call us for switchboard installation or upgrade services only, or we can install a new switchboard as part of a wider electrical installation or upgrade project.

Machine Safety Upgrade

This means we can help with whatever requirement you have. Here’s why you should contact us:

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While hot water repairs are a core area of specialty at Ascendancy Electrical, we want to become your first-choice electrical contractor in Auckland. This means you can expect exceptional standards of service when you come to us. Please call us today on (09) 273 3043 to find out more.

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